Gabriele Arena


Actor and Harmonicist "NonsoloBlues"




I was born in Catania on November 23, 1960. I'm an actor and a musician. My first ENPALS qualification in 1991: "Jazz Concert Harmonicist". In 2005 I started to do theater with Piero Sammataro. From 2013, the year of his death, I continued to train the body and voice with Mamadoue Dioume, Claudia Contin, Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov and then again Bruno Cortini, Ferruccio Merisi, Giorgio Capitani, Ivana Chubbuck. in the last six years I participated in: five films, six short films, one fiction, three web series; in 2015 the last two theater roles: Yasha in The cherry orchard and a monologue in La Confessione, directed by Walter Manfrè.

​  Biography (Micro)




I was born on 23 November 1960 in Catania, Sicily. I'm an actor and a harmonica player. Music has become part of my life since I was in high school and I continue to play.

The passion for cinema has its origins in pre-adolescent age, I was about 10 years old. My parents owned a house in Nicolosi, a small town on the slopes of Etna, where we went for summer holidays and where there was only a single cinema hall: Cine Teatro Colosseo. So for many summers I went into that cinema alone not only to spend the time but mostly because I had free admission.

Growing up, I became more selective about the movies to watch and it was thanks to the purchase of a motorcycle that I could continue to attend the cinemas of my hometown in winter too.

I think it was in these years that I decided to move to Rome, after graduating, to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (C.S.C.) Unfortunately, after graduating from high school, my project faded and for me began a long period of time characterized by very different jobs: barman, apartment seller, social worker.

In 2005 I met my theatre teacher Piero Sammataro, who gave me lessons and the opportunity to experiment and express myself on stage for about eight years.

After my Master died on 21 November 2013, I decided to leave the theatre for cinema and resume the old project I was forced to abandon for about thirty years.

So far I have taken part in six films, six short films, a music video clip, two television productions, three web series and a medical drama. The last two theatrical productions in the 2015, interpreting Yasha in Il Giardino dei Ciliegi (The Cherry Orchard) directed by Rosario Minardi and playing the monologue Gronchi rosa by Edoardo Erba in the format La Confessione directed by Walter Manfrè.                                                                                                                               To be highlighted in cinema and TV:

1) 2014 the role of chief blaster commissioner in the popular TV series Squadra Antimafia (Antimafia Squad);

2) 2015 the role as protagonist in the first short film by Federica Salvatori, Fiori di carta (Paper flowers);

3) 2016 the role of Don Antonio in Walk with the Devil, a short film written and by A. Hall;

4) 2017 the role of family doctor in "La Balia" short story of Luigi Pirandelo - RAI 5 directed by Roberto Quagliano;

5) 2018 the role of Carlo in the first film of Julien Paolini, "Amare amaro" France/Italy;


​​From 2012 to today I have never stopped training body and voice: Mamadoue Dioume, Claudia Contin, Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov and again Bruno Cortini, Giorgio Capitani, Walter Manfrè, Ivana Chubbuck.