2018 - Cannes - Mediterranean Film Festival -  Best Thriller Short Award - Walk with the Devil


2018 - IdyllWild Film Festival - Best Actor Featurette Award - Walk with the Devil

2017 - New York Film Awards - Miglior Ensamble Award - Walk with the Devil 


2017 -  Washington Roman Pictures Network TV Global Film Festival Competition - Award of                        Excellence Supporting Actor Award - Walk with the Devil


2016 - Roma - 9° Festival Tulipani di seta nera - Premio Sorriso Diverso - Fiori di carta


2015 - Firenze 2° FilmCorti Festival - Migliore Attore  - Fiori di carta


2014 - Corsica, France - Figari Film Fest 1° premio del pubblico - Carrozzella negra













Walk with the Devil - USA - 2017​ directed by Alison Hall

Cast: Alice Canzonieri, Gabriele Arena, Marta Limoli, Francesco Caltabiano.






​In a world where the Devil plans your fall,

an abused young sex slave must choose

between kidnapping an innocent girl

for her pimp or suffer the deadly

consequences of her disobedience.




Best Thriller Short Award




Paper flowers - ITA 2015 - Drama - II° Firenze FilmCorti Festival

best  actor award - directed by Federica Salvatori

Cast: Gabriele Arena, Helena Antonio, Veruska Rossi



Synopsis: Paper flowers tells the story of Giovanni Valenti, a middle-aged man, of whom little we know except that he has a degree, a certificate of English at Cambridge and some medals that he reveals to have been an expert in shooting.
In an apparently ordinary morning, Giovanni makes unusual gestures, initially incomprehensible, which also generate unpleasant reactions towards him. The character appears totally immersed in his thoughts and leaves little leakage of himself, only the meeting with a girl of his knowledge seems to shake him from this state of inner solitude. It will be at the end that the state of despair in which he fell and the reasons that led him to reduce this way will emerge clearly. But just when everything seems lost, suddenly, an unexpected event like a gust of wind on a spring day, will bring it back to look at things under a new perspective.



November 2015. Motivation jury award second edition Florence FilmCorti Festival: Best Actor: Gabriele Arena for the film "Paper Flowers" by Federica Salvatori.

The Jury of the Second Edition of the Firenze FilmCorti Festival believes that it has to attribute to Gabriele Arena the recognition as the best actor for the intensity and at the same time the measure of its performance made not only through the dialogues, but above all through expressiveness and movements, giving life to a character, present in all the sequences of the film, sometimes complex, but able to capture the sympathy of the public.​





Finalist in the Official Competition at the Roma Film Corto at the Theatre of Villa Torlonia in Rome.-


° Won award as Best Actor at the 2°edition of Firenze Filmcorti, at Le Murate in Florence.


Finalist in the Wag Film Festival, at The Auditorium "Le Fornaci" in Terranuova Bracciolini.


Finalist in the Official Competition at Maazzeni Film Festival, at Maazzeni, Paternò CT.


Selected by  the editorial board of for the competition Cort'on Line in collaborazion

with Ortigia Film Festival.


° Selected by RAI in occasion of the XI edition of  International Short Film Festival "Tulipani di seta nera".


° Won award "Sorriso diverso - Valore del lavoro" at the International Short Film Festival

   "Tulipani di seta nera" 2016 Casa del Cinema and Teatro Olimpico in Rome


° Won Award of the Giury at the competition "La Lanterna", at Cineclub Genova (GE).


Finalist in the Main Competition of CinemadaMare 2016.

Finalist in the Official Competition at the Festival "A Corto di Donne" 2016, at Agave di Pozzuoli.

Finalist in Official Competition at Santa Marinella Film Festival at the Istituto Comprensivo in Santa Marinella (RM).


Official Competition at the Aquae Electae International Film Festival 2016 (AV).


Official Competition at the 16° Corto Fiction at Chianciano Terme.


Finalist in Premio Cinematografico Palena (CH).


Finalist in "CortoDino - International Short Film Award Dino De Laurentiis".

Finalist in the VIII° edition of the Short Film Festival CORTO CORRENTE Città di Fiumicino

° Won Award of the Giury at the International Film Festival Rivoli 2016.​

° Finalist in Roma Tre Film Festival 2017 at the Theatre Palladium in Roma.

° Won Award as Best Short Film at the National Award AlberoAndronico at the Capitol in Rome.

Finalist in the Short film competition Premio Luzzati in Rome



Frame  of ''Fiori di Carta''

November 2015 Le Murate, 2nd Firenze FilmCorti Festival, best actor award.

From left to right with the set designer, the director and the make-up artist.



Carrozzella Negra - ITA 2013 Com.


 Regia di Mario Savina e Emanuele Lucci



Alessandro Borghi

Gabriele Arena

Lucia Batassa

Andrette Lo Conte

Edoardo Monniello

​Ruggero Cecchi


Corsica - Figari Film Fest red carpet - E. Moniello,Mario Savina , Alessandro Borghi.