Gabriele Arena


Actor and Harmonicist "NonsoloBlues"

Born in Catania November 23, 52 1960. Actor and musician. In 2005 I started to do theater with Piero Sammataro. From 2013, the year of his death, I continued to train the body and the voice with Mamadoue Dioume, Claudia Contin, Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov and also Ferruccio Merisi, Bruno Cortini, Giorgio Capitani and Ivana Chubbuck. From 2012 to today I took part in: six films, nine short films, two productions. TV, three web series and a medical drama; in 2015 the last two roles in the theater: Yasha in Il giardino dei ciliegi, directed by Rosario Minardi and a monologue in La Confessione, directed by Walter Manfrè. Two awards for best actor (Italy 2015 - USA 2018).





Born November 23, 1960 in Catania, I am an actor and I play the diatonic harmonica in several musical genres, from rock to jazz.

The music became part of my life since high school and I still play live or in the recording studio. The passion for cinema instead has its origins in pre-adolescent age, since I was about 10 years with the family we went for the summer holidays in a village where there was only a cinema: the Cine Teatro Colosseo. So for many summers I went for free to the cinema alone to pass the time and because the owner was a friend of my father's. It was from the age of fourteen that, thanks to the purchase of a motorcycle, even in winter I could attend the numerous rooms of my city. Often even three in one evening.

In those years I decided that, after obtaining the diploma, I would have moved to Rome to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Unfortunately my project vanished, because of a road accident I had to leave the rugby too and so began a long period of time characterized by so different jobs: barman, apartment seller, social worker for the handicap and therapeutic massage studies in traditional chinese medicine.

In 2005 I met my theater teacher Piero Sammataro who gave me the training and the opportunity to experiment on stage for about eight years. After my Master died on November 21, 2013, I decided to leave the theater for the cinema, the old project abandoned for more than thirty years.

Since then I have taken part in five films, nine short films, a music video clip, two television productions, three web series and a medical drama. In 2015 the last two roles in the theater: Yasha in Il giardino dei ciliegi and a monologue in La Confessione, directed by Walter Manfrè.


The most significant stages:

​- 2005 meeting with Piero Sammataro, about eight years of theatrical training and performances until 2013

- 2011 meeting with Giorgio Capitani after the decision to gradually leave the theater for the cinema

​- 2013 the role of chief commissioner for bombs in the popular fiction "Squadra Antimafia 6" RAI 1

​- 2014 entry into the Valerio Ceccarelli Management agency

- 2015 Firenze FilmCorti Festival best actor in short film "Fiori di Carta"

​- 2017 family doctor in the novel by L. Pirandello "La balia" RAI 5

- 2018 USA - Idyllwild Festival - best actor featurette award "Walk with the Devil"

- 2019 Lawyer defender of Don Masino Spadaro in "The traitor" directed by Marco Bellocchio, in process.


​​From 2012 to today I have never stopped training body and voice: Mamadoue Dioume, Claudia Contin, Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov and again Bruno Cortini, Giorgio Capitani, Walter Manfrè, Ivana Chubbuck.